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Our New Partnership with Stelter

At Giving Docs, we are passionate about increasing the number of people who leave meaningful legacies via planned gifts to the nonprofits that inspire them.

That’s why last week we announced a strategic partnership with The Stelter Company, the leading marketing company in the U.S. planned giving sector.

I thought I’d share more about why we’re so excited about this partnership.

  • Experience matters. For over six decades, Stelter has served thousands of nonprofit organizations with integrated marketing services, gaining unique and deep industry knowledge. We believe you can’t parachute into organizations and know everything about them. It takes time. It takes relationships. It takes persistent, successful delivery of services and deliverables. Stelter has the kind of experience that brings enduring trust and loyalty among current (and future!) partners.

  • Technology can help. Adding our technology to Stelter’s set of services will empower more nonprofits to efficiently transform gift intention into action. Moreover, our tools allow for greater visibility into the effectiveness of campaigns, the ability to spot “handraisers” early, and to improve donor engagement over time.

  • Integrity is essential. The Stelter team is brilliant and creative, and deeply committed to the best possible outcomes for their customers. But they are also humble, transparent, and honest with customers and colleagues. They, like us, are not just driven by business milestones. We are both driven by a loftier mission: to genuinely meet the unique planned giving goals of every single one of the nonprofit organizations we serve.

  • Support for the entire donor journey. By combining Stelter’s comprehensive marketing services with Giving Docs technology, we can now offer a fully integrated, data-driven support solution for the entire planned giving donor journey — from discovery and cultivation, to engagement and education, to conversion and notification, and to ongoing stewardship.

We have piloted our collaborative approach with a handful of nonprofit partners, and are excited to roll this out to many others this year. To learn more or to schedule a demo, please reach out to us at Stay tuned for more on this partnership in the months to come!

Dan Barasch CEO, Giving Docs


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