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2022 Year End Reflections

6 Key Reflections on Giving Docs’ Progress in 2022

As the year draws to a close, I find it humbling and inspiring to reflect on the progress Giving Docs has made and the impact we’ve achieved in 2022. Here are my six key reflections on what has been a very busy, productive, and fun year.

  • We delivered exceptional results for our nonprofit partners. We work with some of the most inspiring nonprofit organizations on the planet, and are so proud of how Giving Docs helped them achieve their planned giving goals. Roughly 58% of donors who complete estate plans on Giving Docs leave gift intentions for nonprofit organizations, and 80% of those choose to disclose their contact information to the charity for whom they created a gift. Impressively, about half of planned gifts on our platform come from Baby Boomer (age 58–76) or Silent Generation (age 77+) donors. Our impact-driven support for donors across all demographics enables us to pursue even deeper and more comprehensive progress toward long-term planned giving goals.

  • We sparked a critical conversation about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the planned giving sector. Our Chief Development Officer, Jade Bristol, led a multi-part research series on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and its implications within the field of planned giving. Part 1 focused on how planned giving can advance DEI, while Part 2 explored the barriers to planned giving in communities of color. Jade presented these findings at multiple webinars and conferences, and also led a survey of over 100 planned giving professionals to better understand current DEI priorities. Part 3 of the DEI research series, as well as an overview of our survey findings and resources to support DEI initiatives in planned giving programs, will all be available early next year.

  • We achieved third party accreditation for our data privacy and security policies. It really matters to us that any and all donor data on our platform is protected by the highest standards of privacy and security. We proudly shared the news that we received SOC 2 Type 2 security compliance following a six-month third-party audit of our policies and procedures. Our updated Privacy and Security Policy provides more background on this accreditation and reaffirms our commitment to never rent, sell, or share donor data.

  • We developed a fresh way to value “handraisers.” Our Co-Founder and President, Brantley Boyett, collaborated with Nathan Stelter, President at The Stelter Company, to better quantify the value of planned giving interest in real time. After consulting with a variety of planned giving and actuarial experts, their work culminated in the creation of a “Value of a Handraiser” Calculator, which uses straightforward data inputs to generate a quantifiable value for individuals who have openly demonstrated interest in leaving a planned gift. Brantley and Nathan shared the project at various webinars and events, and will continue to refine the tool in the year ahead.

  • We engaged with and supported planned giving councils across the country. We think it’s important to show up as part of the planned giving community by spending time with nonprofit leaders and regional planned giving councils, and sponsoring conferences wherever possible. In 2022, we sponsored, attended, and/or presented at planned giving council events in New York, Boston, Washington, DC, Denver, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, and Reno.

  • We partnered with The Stelter Company to expand significantly. Early this year we officially announced this partnership, which enables us to support nonprofit customers at every stage of the planned giving donor journey- from awareness, education, and marketing to gift conversion and stewardship. Partnering with Stelter has expanded our work with nonprofits across all sectors, and streamlined strategic planning, communications and insights for our joint nonprofit partners.

All of this would not be possible without a truly stellar team, supporters, and advisors. In addition to thanking our dedicated staff, I’d also like to thank the behavioral science team from the Duke University Center for Advanced Hindsight, and especially our incomparable friend and advisor Dan Ariely, who graciously participated in a webinar with us this year.

As we look forward to 2023, I am so proud of all our work with new and longtime customers, and our broader efforts to provide thought leadership to the industry overall. We’ll continue to explore new ways to better serve our growing community. Onward and upwards!

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